Comprehensive valuation reports according to NVM and NWWI guidelines

Due to various reasons you may need to have your current home or prospective home appraised by an accredited appraiser.

Annually, De Vries Robbe appraises many homes, varying in size, area and square meters. For our certified appraisers, it is always a challenge to carefully determine the architectural state and the value of a building, this to close out any unpleasant surprises. We keep in mind location, state of the house, maintenance, ground lease, etc.

When you hire us to appraise your home or apartment, you can be sure that the value judgment is substantiated thoughtfully. We can arrange a professional appraisal at any time, needed for:

  • Buying and selling
  • Financial advice
  • City taxes (WOZ)
  • WOZ-geschillen
  • 2nd opinions
  • Divorce

Our appraisals all adhere to the stringent NVM and NWWI rules and regulations. Would you like more information or a personal meeting, please contact our office or fill in the contact form.

For more information, fill in the contact-form or get in touch with one of our broker-appraisers.

What would you like to know more about?

De Vries Robbé Makelaars specialises in five different services.


Our team has years of experience and expertise, we can assist and advise you on the sale of your home.


We offer you guidance in the search of a new home from start to finish.


We help you to find a upholstered or furnished home, as well as renting out your apartment or house.


Our certified appraisers provide an extensive valuation report of your home or apartment according to NVM AND NWWI guidelines.


As a connoisseur of the region, we show our expertise at an early stage, this to ensure that the sale of the project runs efficiently.

We are happy to assist you.

Feel free to contact us via 070 365 88 44


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