Regentesse en Valkenboskwartier

The most pretty neighborhoods in The Hague

Regentesse- en Valkenboskwartier

The Regentessekwartier was built between 1885 and 1910. The name refers to Queen Regent Emma. On the Regentesseplein stands the obelisk that is characteristic of this neighborhood. This neighborhood is one of the 19 protected cityscapes of The Hague. Characteristic are the closed rows of façades in neo-renaissance style. Most houses are split into a lower and upper apartments, each with its own front door, with the lower apartment usually having a rear or intermediate building. The connected facades of Koningsplein with their plastered decorative bands and the ornamental constructions in chalet style have a municipal protection.

In the Regentesse- and Valkenboskwartier you will find a mix of large and small houses, especially from before 1916. The intimate streets and enclosed squares create a pleasant urban atmosphere. You can consciously shop nearby; organic food, quirky eateries, galleries, trendy shops and pop-up stores.
Young couples and families feel at home here.