The most pretty neighborhoods in The Hague

The Archipel neighborhood, also known as the Indonesian area due to street names such as Javastraat, Balistraat and Sumatrastraat get its name from the houses that were built here when many Dutch pensioners returned from Indonesia and bought houses in streets with familiar names. bought houses in streets with familiar names.

One of the most well known streets in the Archipel, the Surinamestraat, is known for the famous author, Louis Couperus who lived here while he wrote his world famous novel “Eline Vere”.

Long streets are one of the features of the Archipel neighborhood and also its location close to the city center. Many renovated apartments and stately town houses can be found here.
De gezellige Bankastraat met haar restaurants en winkels maakt dit een goed bezochte locatie in de Archipelbuurt.